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Elite Skin and Hair is a skincare and hair care website unlike any other. Each product line and pre-made product pack is hand selected by an experienced team of plastic surgeons and plastic surgery practice managers and patient care coordinators. This unique perspective allows the Elite team to select exceptional product which offer the maximum benefit for the client at reasonable prices. With unique and effective products from elite brands like Obagi, Bliss Spa, Rahua, Clarisonic, Toppik, Oscar Blandi, and more, as well as specialty products and vitamins to promote the health and healing of the skin and hair like Biosil and Arnica, LaserCap, Capillus, and iGrow, a more focused, easily navigated and understood selection of the world’s finest products is rarely found. Contact us directly anytime or read detailed descriptions to select the skin and hair care regimen best for you.

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Proper skin care is essential to achieving and maintaining beautiful, ageless skin. Unfortunately, many of us fail to take care of our skin properly. You may think that you don’t have the time, money or knowledge to properly care for your skin, but but it’s easier and more affordable than you think. In fact, a good skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated. A good, comprehensive skin care regimen should cleanse, moisturize, protect, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. It’s important that you consider your skin type - normal, dry, oily, combination skin, mature or sensitive - and choose your skin care products accordingly to have more beautiful and halthy looking skin.

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Hair is an important part of our appearance. When we think of healthy hair, we tend to think of thick, shiny hair. Unfortunately, for many of us, our hair may be dull, thin, brittle, frizzy or damaged. Proper hair care is essential to having healthy hair, and healthy hair is beautiful hair. Hair care regimens will vary for each individual depending on there hair type and color. Cleansing the hair and scalp is an important part of all regimens. This removes sweat, oil and unwanted products from the hair and scalp. However, contrary to what some may think, hair does not need to be shampooed daily when trying to have more natural, fuller, and beautiful looking hair.

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