Product Packs

Almost every plastics surgery practice and surgeon has their patients follow rigorous protocols.  From purchasing healing products and vitamins, like Arnica, Biosil or specialty icepacks, to shopping after the procedure for skincare products like exfoliants, moisturizers, Clarisonic body brushes and more to ensure their patients' final looks are aesthetic and natural.  This process takes precious time for the busy mom, dad, executive and student.  Wouldn’t it be great if patients could have a one-stop shop, that offered a one-click solution? Wouldn't it be great if you could save time researching, traveling to the mall or vitamin shop, and simply have everything you will need for your upcoming cosmetic procedure delivered to your home? And wouldn't it be even better, if you received free shipping, plus free shipping FOR LIFE if you loved those products and wanted to re-order some or purchase gifts for loved ones and friends?

Elite Skin & Hair was founded by the nation's leading cosmetic surgery practice managers with advice and input from some of the country's most well-respected plastic surgeons.  We have created the pre/post operative care product packs you will need to ensure the best possible results with minimal downtime.  While these products are not medical in nature and your doctor's advice and recommendations are of utmost important before using any products or skin care regimen, the pre-made packs include quality ingredients picked out especially for the procedure you are about to undertake.  Pick out the pack that is best for you: Facelift and Necklift, Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant, and many more!

Keep the aging process at bay by selecting a top surgeon for your cosmetic surgery. Then, maximize your look and the health of your skin with fine products from elite brands like: Obagi, Bliss Spa, Clarisonic, Rahua, Oscar Blandi, and much more. To find out what comes in each product pack, learn more below.

Product Packs Coming Soon!